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What is it and is it for me?

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In today's world time is precious, taking an hour out of your busy schedule to attend a golf lesson can be challenging, that's even before you factor in the commute time too!


 That's where this option comes into play... 

Your golf coach in your pocket

In a few simple steps, you can have a detailed video analysis of your swing, chip, putt, etc. Along with a coaching video of what is causing the issues in that action and how to correct them.


Sounds just like a golf lesson right? 


Fill out Form

You will receive a simple form to fill out, this will enable me to tailor the coaching videos to your needs


Send videos of the part of the game you wish to work on, both from down the line and face on

Payment will also be required at this point

Coaching videos

Coaching video will be sent to you via the Onform app along with practice notes

Feedback &  Discussions

Using the chat section of the app, you will have open dialogue with myself to help you through the changes, this is also a feedback opportunity for yourself


PGA Golf Professional

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