Golf can be played at any level and at any age. From complete beginners to advanced golfers, there is a Coaching package for you below!


For those who have had tried golf briefly before or never picked up a club. I will develop a programme that will teach you the fundamentals of each area of the game, putting you on the pathway to playing the game

  • Specific plan to guide you through the basics 

  • Practice plan and guidance with easy to follow drills



For those who play golf but wish to learn more about their game and what is required to move on to the next level. I will make an assessment of your game and show you the areas that need adjusting in order to move forward, with a step by step approach of how to do so

  • Specific plan tailored to your game 

  • Practice plan and simple drills 

  • Frequent player/ coach communication


For those who play frequently and to a high standard, that are looking to fine tune their games. I will assess, analyse and break down into areas that need tweaking in order to improve and sustain a high level of play

  • In-depth analysis of your game

  • Specific plan tailored to your requirements

  • Practice plan and drills 

  • Frequent player/ coach communication

If you have any questions regarding the variety of sessions that are offered, please use the chatbox bottom right. 

From £46 per hour

Package deals available

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