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In 2015, having played golf from a young age, I qualified as a PGA Golf Professional and have continued my coaching path at Dyrham Park Country Club. I believe in simplifying each part of the game and building good relationships with my clients. I am very passionate about expanding the demographic and have dedicated programmes for Juniors and Women.

My belief is that golf is a game for everyone to play, at any time in their lives. I am certain that I can develop a plan to suit your needs and expectations for your Golfing pathway.

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Dyrham Park Country Club

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"I really look forward to my lessons with James. He is extremely knowledgeable and always try’s to find a way to improve my game without changing to much or over complicating things! He is definitely a big factor in getting my handicap down by 5 strokes in a year!" - Laurence 

"I have tried to learn golf with different coaches all over the world, James is definitely the best one I have ever had! His training program is individually tailored for each golfer, through the lessons you don’t only learn the technical skills but also gain the self confidence. Big thanks to James who transformed the outsider to a proper golfer!" - Linda

"As Chairman of Dyrham Park, I am delighted to have James as part of our team. He is indeed one of the jewels in our crown. He is thoughtful, caring, warm and professional in his conduct and is an absolute asset to our club.
His enthusiasm for the club and indeed both the Junior’s and Ladies’ Academies is self evident.
I enjoy my lessons with James and he has absolutely helped to improve my golf.
I really feel that James takes pride in what he does and genuinely shows an interest in the progress of his pupils" - Howard


"I am delighted to say that having golf lessons with James, has greatly improved my golf. He explains everything in very clear terms and is always happy for me to email him to get help and advice between lessons.
He gives me so much confidence and I feel he really cares about my progress.
He is charming, personable, warm and a pleasure to spend time with - I really look forward to my lessons" - Sandra

"I’ve only had a few golf lessons so I’m very much a beginner but I have found that James is a very patient teacher that manages to give you confidence even when you might not be hitting the ball how you’d like to be. He’s very passionate about getting everyone to enjoy the sport regardless of the level that they’re at. I’m looking forward to some more lessons in the future and getting back out on the course" - Gemma


PGA Golf Professional

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